Research & Development

From laboratory to production scale – we support you in the successful implementation of your projects.

Whether developing new processes or optimizing existing ones – a team of experienced scientists, project leaders and laboratory assistants supports research and development projects from chemical synthesis in the laboratory to the transmission of synthesis routes to production scale as an independent service provider.

New or predefined chemical synthesis routes are developed or optimized under consideration of the best technological conditions. Thus, guaranteeing robust, economical and efficient manufacturing processes for products.

If there are problems with existing processes, Suisse TP offers support in finding solutions and develops optimized process parameters.

In the analytical laboratories of Suisse TP, customer-specific methods can be implemented. New, process-relevant methods and complete analysis packages for the subsequent production process can also be developed, validated and transferred to external laboratories on request.

Method development

Appropriate analysis methods need to be developed for new products and for the qualitative and quantitative determination of unknown substances. The experienced analysts of Suisse TP develop optimized and therefore cost-effective analysis methods. If required we develop those methods according to ICH guidline Q2(R2)/Q14 EWG – “Analytical Procedure Development and Revision of Q2 (R1) Analytical Validation”

a few examples of typical applications are

  • Development of release-relevant analysis methods for APIs
  • Development of analytical methods for the cleaning validation
  • Creation of complete analysis packages for the monitoring of chemical production processes
  • Development of routine analyses according to customer requirements

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