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On the CPhI Worldwide 2022 Frankfurt from 01.11. – 03.11. we will be exhibiting at the Swiss Pavilion.

Visit us at Hall 12.0 Stand 120D122

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From mg to kg scale – targeted compounds for special needs
We develop your custom chemical synthesis of commercially unavailable reference compounds according to GMP in out independent laboratories.
We synthesize the desired chemical compound on a laboratory scale for our customers.

From laboratory to production scale – we support you in the successful implementation of your projects.New or predefined chemical synthesis routes are developed or optimized under consideration of the best technological conditions. Thus, guaranteeing robust, economical and efficient manufacturing processes for products.

We develop and validate analytical methods required for all stages of clinical trials.
On completion we are able to transfer those methods including scale up support to ensure the method in production scale.

NEW ANALYSIS PROCEDURE, PRACTICALLY APPLICABLE – optimized, cost-effective, certified

The broad range of services offered by Suisse Technology Partners AG covers the entire process of the development, validation and life cycle management activities. Analysis methods are in accordance to the key principles of current and upcoming ICH guidelines.

THE PROCESS IS THE PRODUCT – Proof of a consistent, carefully controlled manufacturing process by the example of iron based nano-collodial products, we used the following physicochemical NBCD CHARACTERIZATION methods: 

 Molecular Weight & Polydispersity Index,  Particle Size,  Iron Assay,  Ferrous iron content (Fe2+), Ferrozin Assay, Free iron (or dialyzable iron), Free Iron under physiological conditions, Metal Impurities, Na Content, Total Carbon

Size & Morphology of Iron Core- TEM

Decomposition Pattern, Degradation, Melting of the Complex, Particle Size Changes under dilution and/or dialysis, Surface Charge

We characterize and validate materials, determine their behavior, simulate processes and develop pharmaceutical packaging solutions designed to meet your requirements. 

Based on the barrier of the packaging and taking into account the physical properties of the product, it is possible to directly predict its shelf life. This means that time-consuming stability tests can be shortened or even completely replaced.

Benefit from our extensive materials and engineering expertise.

More information on https://shelf-life.suisse-tp.ch/

Stress test for substances & methods –

insights to degradation pathways and method performance according to ICH Q1A and ICH Q1B predict likely degradation products or degradation pathways. They can also demonstrate the stability indicating power of analytical methods used.

We perform FDS according to ICH Q1A(R2) that includes the investigation of the following effects:

Temperature, Humidity, Oxidation, Photostability acc. to ICH Q1B, Susceptibility to hydrolysis caused by acids and bases

We also offer Design of the Forced Degradation Study, Creation of the Forced Degradation Study plan, Performance of stress tests and analytical characterization of stressed samples, Evaluation of analytical measurement data, Creation of the Forced Degradation Study report

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