physico-Chemical ANALYTICS

With cGxP and SAS for independent and reliable analysis results

Typical applications range from analytical characterization to commercial release testing:

  • Chromatographic assay and purity determination of drug substances
  • Identification of Unknowns
  • Determination of Residual Solvents
  • Molecular weight determination and distribution of polymers
  • Identification and analysis of cannabinoids and cannabis products
  • Particle Size and Zetapotential of nanoparticulated NBCD`s
  • Elemental analysis in pharmaceutical products acc. to ICH Q3D
  • Commercial release analysis
  • Analysis for cleaning validation
  • Qualification of reference materials
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The analytical laboratories of Suisse TP offer a comprehensive range of chemical and physico-chemical analytical methodologies:

Inorganic Elemental Analysis

Whether metals, salts, liquids or organic samples, all types of substances and materials are examined for element contents or traces in inorganic elemental analysis using modern analytical instruments.

For example, the determination of heavy metals in pharmaceuticals, intermediates and raw materials according to ICH Q3D is an important field of application for elemental analysis. Semi-quantitative screening analyses from a combination of ICP-MS and ICP-OES often provide a valuable data basis for a subsequent risk analysis regarding heavy metal contents.

Experienced chemists search together with the customer for a meaningful and cost-optimized analysis method for his samples. Great attention is also paid to the correct digestion procedure (keyword: volatile elements).

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Chromatographic Analytics

Purity controls and content determinations in the pharmaceutical industry, product controls in the chemical industry, pollutant analysis in the environmental sector – these are just a few examples of the many possible applications of chromatography.

Liquid and gas chromatographic analysis methods effectively separate mixtures of substances; various detection methods permit qualitative and quantitative statements or identify the individual substances of the samples to be analyzed.

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General Analytics

Suisse TP offers a wide range of general analytical methods for the qualitative and quantitative characterization of substance samples.

These can be water determination using Karl Fischer, determination of the particle size of nanomaterials with dynamic light scattering, spectrophotometry, titrations or classical wet chemical analysis methods.

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Polymer Analytics

Many products and intermediate products of the pharmaceutical and chemical industry are polymers. The possible applications of classical polymer analysis are correspondingly versatile.

Chromatographic methods are used as well as spectroscopic methods or thermal analysis methods. Great attention is paid to the different procedures for sample preparation (e.g. extraction, homogenization, etc.) before the actual analysis.

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Physical Analytics

The identification of residues from reactors, the homogeneity of pressed pills or the layer thickness distribution of aluminum blisters; these are just a few of the questions that physical analysis deals with for the chemical and pharmaceutical industry.

Physical analytics uses destructive and non-destructive testing methods to investigate the composition, microstructure, surface properties and behavior of various materials from a wide variety of industries, such as the pharmaceutical packaging industry, medical technology, chemical plant engineering and many more.

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